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Apr 14

Intermittent Fasting for weight-loss

There are a lot of diets that do work, in the short term.  Every diet will work if it recommends some form of caloric restriction.  And if you follow a calorie restricted diet you will lose weight, guaranteed.  In the book, Brad presents the reasons why he feels that most diet plans are not necessary, too restrictive and ultimately too complicated to work long term.  Brad’s philosophy is more a way of eating that can ultimately grow into a way of life, rather than just another diet.

I am sure that most of you have heard of ‘fasting’ (voluntarily not eating food for varying lengths of time) which is done to detoxify the body and give the digestive system a break.  Brad Pilon, has done alot of work comparing fasting and exercise & claims that they have a very similar effect on the body.  The premise is based on the fact that when you exercise, your insulin levels drop, similarly, when you fast, your insulin levels drop.  Furthermore when you exercise, your growth hormone goes up; they also increase when you fast as well.

When you have a situation when Insulin levels drop & growth hormones increase, you have free fatty acids being released from your body fat and into your blood-stream.  And this causes increased fat burning.  Fasting and exercising put your body in very similar metabolic states, that center around burning fat as a fuel.

Brad’s whole program is based on the principle of using fasting and exercise together to maximize fat loss.  Brad’s book is 73 pages of concise, helpful information.  Essentially, he recommends that you throw in 1-2 fasting periods into your week.. By adding these 24 hour fasting periods, you can create an equivalent of a 25% reduction in calories.  The key to making Eat Stop Eat work for you is self-control.  After you have completed your fast, it is important that you go back to eating as you normally would.  I have been incorporating this into my fitness training, once per week, beginning every Sunday after lunch.


If you think about it, doing a 24 hour fast isn’t really that hard, you are just missing supper on 1 day and then breakfast on the next.  Missing these 2 meals puts your body into a state of ketosis (our bodies are using fat for energy) In Brad’s book, he states that the last 6 hours or so of the 24 hour fast are when we burn the most fat.

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